I recently completed the arrangement and orchestration of ‘The Legend of Bird Mountain’, an 23 minute orchestral ballet score by Florida based composer Tom Hormel. I spent most of the summer refining the orchestrations and putting the music on paper with the help of copyist Scott Mcrae, and I’m looking forward to recording the piece in Prague with an 85 piece orchestra in early 2015, as well as arranging some smaller orchestral works for Tom in the New Year.

I also recently finished the score to ‘Steadfast Stanley’, an animated short by John Kim about a dog lost in a zombie apocalypse, which is now posted on the video and music pages. This was a really fun score, and I got to work with a couple of fellow Calarts alums, Lacy Rostyak on Violin and Mike Richardson on Trombone.

Lastly, I just completed a new six minute concert work for Piano quartet (Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello) called ‘Reparation: in four parts ‘. Samples of the Midi recording and score will be posted here soon, and I look forward to a live performance of the piece next year.

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