In early April I will be traveling to Europe to record some of my work with the City of Prague Philharmonic! The 23 minute ballet suite, The Legend of Bird Mountain was composed by Tom Hormel, arranged/orchestrated by me, and will be conducted by NY Philharmonic assistant conductor Case Scaglione. I will also be overseeing two smaller pieces arranged by the late, great guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves.

On Saturday, March 14 I will be performing a  piano concert at the Silver Lake public Library. The library has recently acquired a Kawai baby grand piano, and in March I will be appearing there on the second Saturday of the month to give it some love, with a special blend of originals, improvisations, and covers of jazz/rock/film/TV/classical standards. Set starts at 4:30pm until 5:15pm and is free. I’m also beginning work on the score to John Kim’s next short film which will be a mix of live action and animation, and a lot of fun.

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