I’ve just returned from the Czech Republic where I had the great pleasure of working with the City of Prague Philharmonic at Smecky Studios, recording my arrangement of The Legend of Bird Mountain: a 23 minute Ballet Suite by Tom Hormel scored for an 85 piece orchestra. Working with Conductor Case Scaglione, Recording engineer Marc Viner and Copyist Scott Mcrae was a treat along with the orchestra and everyone at Smecky. We also recorded two shorter pieces composed by Tom and arranged by Oscar Castro Neves, and I’m looking forward to sharing all this great music when it is mixed and mastered in a couple of months.

In other news, ‘Steadfast Stanley’, the short film I scored last year has won recently won best animation in LandShut Film festival, Toronto Short Film Festival, and an audience award at New York International Children’s Film Festival – you can watch the full film on my ‘Video’ page. I’m currently working on a couple of cues for John Kim’s latest short, ‘Battle Deadline’.

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