I was fortunate to start 2016 out with plenty of the Blues, tracking piano/keyboards this with producer Fabrizio Grossi for the debut album by British guitar phenom Aaron Keylock… and I’m also excited that the Blues album I contributed keyboards to last year, Supersonic Blues Machine, will be released February 26 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group featuring guest appearances by Billy Gibbons, Walter Trout, Warren Haynes, Robben Ford, and more.
I recently wrapped producing a five song EP for songwriter Leslie McCann, with engineer Robert Altschuler at Command Studios and I had fun playing all of the instrumental tracks with vocal contributions from several fantastic session singers.
I am also thrilled to announce that the music I arranged, orchestrated, and recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic last Spring has finally been mastered and released, and excerpts have been posted on my Soundcloud page and YouTube! Here is one of my favorite movements featuring the full 85 piece ensemble:

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I’ve been busy wrapping up post-production for the sessions we had in April with the City of Prague Philharmonic; to complete one of the arrangements by the late Oscar Castro-Neves, we’ve been tracking some of L.A.’s heaviest rhythm players including Kevin Ricard: percussionist for the Tonight Show/American Idol, trumpeter Harry Kim of Dancing with The Stars, and iconic jazz pianist Don Grusin at the legendary ‘Village’ recording studios!

Last weekend  I returned to the studio as performer/composer with Dennis Moody to start laying tracks for a new solo piano album on his nine foot concert grand; I’ll be posting some previews from that session soon.

I’m still finishing up a few cues for John Kim’s latest short; you can watch the last film I scored for him, the award-winning animated short ‘Steadfast Stanley’, on my Video page.

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I’ve just returned from the Czech Republic where I had the great pleasure of working with the City of Prague Philharmonic at Smecky Studios, recording my arrangement of The Legend of Bird Mountain: a 23 minute Ballet Suite by Tom Hormel scored for an 85 piece orchestra. Working with Conductor Case Scaglione, Recording engineer Marc Viner and Copyist Scott Mcrae was a treat along with the orchestra and everyone at Smecky. We also recorded two shorter pieces composed by Tom and arranged by Oscar Castro Neves, and I’m looking forward to sharing all this great music when it is mixed and mastered in a couple of months.

In other news, ‘Steadfast Stanley’, the short film I scored last year has won recently won best animation in LandShut Film festival, Toronto Short Film Festival, and an audience award at New York International Children’s Film Festival – you can watch the full film on my ‘Video’ page. I’m currently working on a couple of cues for John Kim’s latest short, ‘Battle Deadline’.

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In early April I will be traveling to Europe to record some of my work with the City of Prague Philharmonic! The 23 minute ballet suite, The Legend of Bird Mountain was composed by Tom Hormel, arranged/orchestrated by me, and will be conducted by NY Philharmonic assistant conductor Case Scaglione. I will also be overseeing two smaller pieces arranged by the late, great guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves.

On Saturday, March 14 I will be performing a  piano concert at the Silver Lake public Library. The library has recently acquired a Kawai baby grand piano, and in March I will be appearing there on the second Saturday of the month to give it some love, with a special blend of originals, improvisations, and covers of jazz/rock/film/TV/classical standards. Set starts at 4:30pm until 5:15pm and is free. I’m also beginning work on the score to John Kim’s next short film which will be a mix of live action and animation, and a lot of fun.

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I recently completed the arrangement and orchestration of ‘The Legend of Bird Mountain’, an 23 minute orchestral ballet score by Florida based composer Tom Hormel. I spent most of the summer refining the orchestrations and putting the music on paper with the help of copyist Scott Mcrae, and I’m looking forward to recording the piece in Prague with an 85 piece orchestra in early 2015, as well as arranging some smaller orchestral works for Tom in the New Year.

I also recently finished the score to ‘Steadfast Stanley’, an animated short by John Kim about a dog lost in a zombie apocalypse, which is now posted on the video and music pages. This was a really fun score, and I got to work with a couple of fellow Calarts alums, Lacy Rostyak on Violin and Mike Richardson on Trombone.

Lastly, I just completed a new six minute concert work for Piano quartet (Piano, Violin, Viola and Cello) called ‘Reparation: in four parts ‘. Samples of the Midi recording and score will be posted here soon, and I look forward to a live performance of the piece next year.

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The CDs of the new MisterBarnabus record Names and Forms have arrived and are now available on CDBaby.com;  the album is also currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more…I produced, composed and performed most of this 12 song Rock/Pop collection with help from drummer Brian Huston on half the tracks and guest appearances by FASCINOMA, Lucas Jones and Lacy Rostyak. Visit www.mrbarnabus.com for links/samples.
I recently had the opportunity to work with producer Fabrizio Grossi, laying down some keyboard tracks for a new blues record featuring drummer Kenny Aronoff and guitarist Lance Lopez, with special appearances by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and others.
I am nearly done with the orchestral arrangement of Tom Hormel’s 23 minute ballet The Legend of Bird Mountain and will begin the process of putting it to paper and refining the orchestration by April. Also gearing up to score a few shorts coming out of the Calarts animation dept, which is always a good time.

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